Friday, 27 February 2015

Age of Mythology - Odin

This one is even worse than the Ra game - I'd actually forgotten I'd played it until I looked in the screenshot file.

Continuing our cycle, we're back to the Norse, and this time, we're playing as Odin. Odin makes your soldiers more resilient - some of them actually regenerate - and also, once you enter the Classical (second) Age, gives you two free, respawning raven scouts. The Norse in general are still all about mobility, so being able to scout ahead and keep your armies alive longer can be a big help.

As can this. ^_^ Great Hunt increases the number of animals in a group you select. I invoked it on my starting herd of cows, and ended up with a whole swarm of the blighters. Once they reach full growth, they'll give a nice shot of food to my economy.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Age of Mythology - Ra

Oh heck. It's been quite a while since I actually played this game; here's hoping I can remember it well enough to do it justice.

Having finished up the 'Secondary' gods - Isis, Thor, Gaia, and Poseidon - it's time to move onto the 'Rulers'. For simplicity's sake, we'll be going through the civilisations in the same order as we did last time - which means our first major god is Ra of the Egyptians.

Egypt, for reference, is the 'low quality but cheap' civ. Egyptian workers are slower than the other nations', and their soldiers are weaker - but their buildings don't use wood, and in fact, wood is a fairly low priority overall. The way to offset the low quality is to use the Pharaoh to 'empower' buildings and make them run faster - but you only get one Pharaoh.

Enter Ra. One of Ra's bonuses is that priests can empower too, and I would make extensive use of this, having a priest on every one of my resource-gathering buildings. Ra also grants higher increases in speed/gathering compared to the other gods, so overall, I could run faster and stronger than before.

Egypt was a total failure under Isis: we were crushed by Vikings early on. Let's see if the Sun God can do better.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pokemon Platinum - Archosaur Run - Part 6

The run out from Hearthome is fairly simple: you wander through some fields until you reach Solaceon Town. Of course, on the way you encounter your rival, but I didn't have a lot of trouble with him.

Sure, Noctis found herself a little overwhelmed, but--

-- let's not talk about that.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Age of Mythology - Poseidon's Revenge

This is an alternate take on my humiliating defeat as Poseidon. I pulled up a save from after the exodus, after I'd built up New Greece to a certain extent - in other words, right before the second exodus, out to Atlantis. This time, we were going to do things differently. This time, the story would have a proper ending.

This time, we'd get it right.