Friday, 27 February 2015

Age of Mythology - Odin

This one is even worse than the Ra game - I'd actually forgotten I'd played it until I looked in the screenshot file.

Continuing our cycle, we're back to the Norse, and this time, we're playing as Odin. Odin makes your soldiers more resilient - some of them actually regenerate - and also, once you enter the Classical (second) Age, gives you two free, respawning raven scouts. The Norse in general are still all about mobility, so being able to scout ahead and keep your armies alive longer can be a big help.

As can this. ^_^ Great Hunt increases the number of animals in a group you select. I invoked it on my starting herd of cows, and ended up with a whole swarm of the blighters. Once they reach full growth, they'll give a nice shot of food to my economy.

But until that time, we'll just take the usual food bushes. You can see that I started right out with lots of villagers - it's essential to get resource gathering online as soon as possible.

And there's the ravens. I sent them straight out to go scouting, and revealed huge chunks of the map:

Yes, once again we're on islands. This is supposed to be randomised, but three of my six battles so far have been islands. I don't like island maps - I'm no good with the naval component of things, so I keep getting invaded. Looking back at the Gaia game, it seems the AIs try to secure control of the sea by blowing up harbours before they invade in force; perhaps if I defend my harbours better, I'll stand more of a chance.

But still, at least this time I'm the Norse. The Norse are good with ships.

Case in point. While my longships defended my shores, I built up an army.

Actually, I built two. This is the home force - my offensive army is somewhere else...

Yep, that's them.

In proper Norse fashion, they landed in Greece and set about building themselves a base. Have I mentioned I really like that feature, where the infantry construct buildings? It's fun.

We set about murdering the Greeks and building up our fortifications, but ran into a few hitches.

Specifically, Greece not only threw down an Underworld Passage, to get instant access to my base - they also had their heroes on constant rebuilding. Oh, I could kill them, but every time Heracles (I think) came to call, he took down a few more of my units, and I couldn't afford to keep up with the attrition. So our base fell, and the last of the army retreated.

Yup, still got the best navy. You can just about see my Jormund Elver to the left of my topmost longships - that thing was lethal against the enemy.

But having the best navy doesn't make you the victor. For that, you need land armies - and I had a plan.

I took over the central island - well, it was just sitting there, how could I not? Its settlements gave me some more room for soldiers, too. After a little while building up and blowing up the enemy navy, we set sail again.

Hey, Greece - guess who!

I took over the settlement Greece hadn't even bothered to claim, and built myself a new base on their island - this time with a wall, stretching from coast to coast. And then my army marched out...

... and conquered. The Greek town centre fell, and after a few minutes of hunting down their hilarious number of villagers...

... they surrendered.

Right - who's next?

A short hop from Greece to Egypt later, we were building ourselves a new fortress. I also decided to see if my previous gimmicky victory option was still open. By the power of Tyr - Fimbulwinter!

That... that's a lot of wolves.

Yeah, mate, I don't blame you.

I didn't even get through his walls. I actually have no idea why Egypt surrendered - I may have known at the time, but I've forgotten. My theory is that, because he put so much effort into building that ring of wall, losing everything outside it meant his resource gathering was slashed. I was killing his soldiers, the wolves were in his base, and he just... gave up.

On to Atlantis! My army had just kept growing and growing. Was there anything Atlantis could do to stop me?

Uh... no. No there wasn't. ^_^ Victory!

Still don't like island maps, though.

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