Thursday, 18 February 2016

Age of Mythology - Oranos

You know how I said in my Ra game that it'd been a while since I played? And in my Odin game that I didn't even remember playing?

Yeah, it's been a year since I took these pictures. This is going to be interesting.

So! The cycle has brought us back round to Atlantis, the culture of expensive-but-good units. Today we'll be worshipping Oranos, father of the Titans. His main advantage is that we can build the Sky Passage - a teleportation-based mass-transit system. If we can get a Sky Passage down near an enemy base, we can jump our entire army there quickly. He also grants slightly faster movement to human soldiers - useful, but not terribly noticable.

This is the first picture I took. Yes, two of the AIs decided to immediately use their starting god powers - the Egyptians to look at something, the Greeks to pull in animals to slaughter. Oranos' god power is Shockwave, which knocks enemies back - I didn't need it yet.

Once again, the Atlantean economy was very quick to take off. The faster gathering rate of these Citizens can be really useful; it's just a shame it's countered by the higher cost of everything.

And speaking of taking off... that's a Caladria, a myth unit with healing powers. I've always loved having healers available, and the fact that this one can fly makes her all the more useful.

Oh. Oh good. We're on an island.

How long until the Norse get here? :O

This is a sky passage under construction. If I was going to be stuck on an island, I didn't want to waste time ferrying units across the sea: I wanted to teleport them. And, oh yes, that's a sky passage on an east coast. That ain't my island I'm building on.

Hi, Greece! Is my army bigger than yours?

I think it is!

Y'know, I seem to be making a habit out of killing the Greeks off first.

This gave me control over the entire southern half of the map. With two islands under my control, I had a sure-fire win in hand.

Wait, what? Oy, Egypt, get lost - I'm busy explaining why I'm about to win!

I said get lost!

Yeah, while I was mucking about in Greece, the Egyptians stormed Atlantis proper. Anything I had on the western peninsula of my upturned-T-shaped island was razed to the ground.

And when I say razed, I mean razed.

Those craters you see are from the Egyptian Mythic age god power Meteor. It is exactly as horrifying as it sounds.

This is where my civilisation came into its own, though. The Citizens were able to immediately go back to work - they don't need buildings to drop off their supplies at. And my Caladria was able to heal up my battered forces and let me stumble onwards.

See? I'm doing well. I have farms and all. Um, what's that red text?

The Egyptians kept coming. But, one positive: they don't have another shot of Meteor.

They also don't have a Titan. >:( That honour goes to the Norse, who (let's be fair) seem to have largely left me alone. Because they were building a Titan and summoning Nidhogg the dragon. But there's something they haven't considered:

Island. Map.

There is no way to transport a Titan between islands. Transport ships, rocs, sky passages - nothing works. It's possible some of the god powers (Shifting Sands, for instance) will let you move it - but they're mostly single-shot, and the Norse don't have one. They have a massive defensive advantage, but no way to leverage it into attack.

Me? I don't have that sort of power. But I do have teleporters. I also have control over the central island, which doubles my income (though for some reason I don't have settlements in Greece. Did I run into Norse soldiers? Did I just forget? Who knows!)

The Egyptians continued there attacks (of course), but more worryingly, the Norse built a wonder. That meant I had ten minutes to take it down, or I would lose the game.

Wait, did I say Egypt didn't have a Titan...?

Okay, so: anti-wonder plan. Stage 1: build an army. Okay, I only have four minutes to do it in, but still!

Stage 2: send a flying scout to find a landing spot on the Norse island, as near to their wonder as possible. Three minutes left!

Stage 3: I mentioned unit-teleporting spells, yes? Here's one now! This is Vortex, the Mythic-age spell granted by Helios to my Atlanteans. It transports my entire military to a single spot. Being Atlantean, I can use it three times.

But I only have two-and-a-half minutes on the clock, I don't think I'll need to.

Stage 4: ... get wiped out by that Titan/Nidhogg/myth unit/hero combo the Norse are wielding. This wasn't in the plan. But there's still two minutes left..>!

New army. New Vortex (did I say I wouldn't need it? :D), right next to the wonder. 33 seconds. Can we do this?


That's a no. Loki conquers the world.

You know what, though? I can't help but feel I should have been able to win with that vortex maneuver. It was bad planning in the final stages that lost me the game, not any long term failing.

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