Thursday, 18 February 2016

Civilisation IV - Realms Beyond Adventure 62

Not long after Adventure 61: Pink Pride (which I played and lost), CIV community Realms Beyond held another tournament - Adventure 62: English Ambition.

Adventure Sixty-Two: English Ambition

Scenario: Realms Beyond throughout its history has been a community of people that strive to challenge themselves in the games they play. That has predominantly been shown by playing variants of games, self-imposing restrictions to make a game a lot harder, for the prize of achieving victory under those restrictions.

This is a lightly edited map with some unusual geography compared to 'normal' maps (as shown by what the imaginary 'hut' pop), that will provide many interesting choices to make as you play through your game. 

Scoring: None. Just play and regale us with tales of your experience.

However, I would encourage players to come up with some sort of variant to play out the game under. Think of something that you've never heard of someone having done in Civ before, or that would make achieving normal victory quite a lot harder, or that just sounds fun. This is as open ended as you want it to be (and I won't judge if you don't bother with coming up with a variant!), but here are some ideas to help get your brain turning:

  • The 'Honorable' Ruleset.
  • Commit to Always War.
  • Turn Science to 0% at a certain time.
  • A hard limit of number of cities.
  • Require yourself to beeline a specific tech far down the tech tree.
  • Or stay away from a certain tech.
  • Save the Animals.
  • Require leading in a certain demographic before ending the game.
  • Conquer another empire and give away all self-built cities.
  • Build/Capture only coastal cities.
  • Keep all your cities under a certain population number.
  • Limit yourself to a maximum amount of units existing at any time.
  • Gain cultural control over all of a certain tile/resource/continent/islands. 

Use one of the above or come up with your own.

Once again, this was a game that would almost certainly destroy me. But who cares? It's single-player, and three-quarters of the fun is in the storytelling. So I dialled up a stupid restriction...

Huinesoron's Ridiculous Variant: 'The Common Denominator'

  • England may not in any way acquire its Unique Unit, the Redcoat.
  • England may not build its unique building, the Stock Exchange (though it may keep it in captured cities).
  • If at any point England sees another civilisation's Unique Unit, it must declare war as soon as physically possible, and continue the war until it can no longer see an enemy UU.

... renamed my capital (again)...

... and did my best to run the English Welsh civilisation into the ground!

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